New measures in the Highway Safety Code include the requirement to add a safety device on dump trucks. Magnéto Hydraulique inc. has designed a tipper lift alarm that complies with the new regulations. The detection system, connected to the vehicle via the J1939 connector for constant speed reading, monitors the condition of the dump body in order to signal to the operator, using the visual and audible alarms required by the SAAQ regulations, if the dump body is in a safe position.

We have designed the system to adapt to all types of dump vehicles, whether it is a single dump body (wire system), a single dump trailer or even a double dump trailer (wireless system). The wireless system’s pairing function will automatically detect the vehicle’s trailer configuration. The controller is manufactured in our Boucherville office, the sensors are robust and waterproof, the connectors and wiring included make the installation of the device simple and fast.

We currently have alarm kits in stock ready for delivery.